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If your long hair is well cared for with the best hair products and the bangs are well styled, they will pimp up your looks. Women of all face shapes can wear bangs, but the way you style them will differ basing on your face shape.  For example, tucked away bangs look good on women with square / oval face shapes, twisted bangs can match with women with long face shapes..


Lange Frisuren mit Pony

Long Hairstyles with Bangs

.., deep front bangs are the best for women with round face shapes and we also have the angled bangs which match with oval / round and heart face shapes. So, basing on these examples, you will need to ask your hairstylist which style of Bang suits your face shape.However, for you to look fabulous with bangs, you need to have thick well layered long hair, for those with thin hair , you can opt for the side swept bangs styles because the front bangs tend to look better on women with thick long hair.

Style 1: The lady in style 1 has black long hairstyle with a well trimmed thick front bang.  To have such a hairstyle, you need to iron and flatten your hair so that it becomes straight, however, you need to use a heat protective cream / spray so that heat produced by a flat iron doesn’t damage your hair. You will then have to comb your hair straight using a wide toothed comb, but due to the exposure of heat, your  hair might be dry, so I advice you to moist it by spraying little water over it. Please don’t comb your hair straight when it’s dry, this can put pressure and stress on your strands which will result into hair breakage.  After straightening your hair and the bang, you will notice split ends, use a pair of scissors to trim them off, also make sure that you trim the bang so that it stops just above the eyebrows.  Women with round face shapes you will look fabulous with (style 1, style 2 and style 3).

Style 4: The lady in style 4 features a side swept bang, it is a cute style which will create an asymmetrical type of face shape. When you side sweep your bang, more space will be created around the fore head, which makes it an ideal bang for women with moderate fore heads. However, the lady has a wavy long hairstyle, so even her bang is wavy. You can achieve the same hairstyle by making waves in your long hair, simply use salon rollers.

Lange Frisuren mit Pony

African American Long Hairstyles with Bangs

In most cases, African American Women have trouble growing long hair, even though they are blessed with natural thick hair, most of them will resort to natural hair extension which look exactly like their hair. So, please, don’t dream of having hairstyles you see in the picture above, unless when you’re ready to spend some extra money on these hair extensions.  Look at Lady Gaga in Style 7, she has a pure thick black bang with wavy long hair, the waves are centered at the bottom, so the top section is combed straight. Yet the lady in Style 5 features a brown and black tinted layered long hair with a bang which is well trimmed.

The bang in Style 8 is quite different from the rest, the lady trimmed it in an angular shape,  her bang is not on the same level , one side, the bang is above the eye brow while the other section covers the eye, this is a very cool hairstyle which looks good on women with long / diamond / heart / square face shapes, the angular shape will flatter your long jaws very well.

Lange Frisuren mit Pony

Rihanna Long Hairstyles with Bangs

If you fancy Rihanna’s Long Hairstyles, I have a cool compilation for you, she’s a fan of bangs and she styles them in different ways.  Rihanna looks cool with most hair styles; in Style 9 she featured a wavy long hairstyle with a wavy bang, in Style 10 she has a well trimmed fine bang which makes her face shape round and well flattered, yet in Style 11 she features a bleach red long hairstyle with bangs swept on both sides creating some little space for the forehead, in Style 12, she has a detailed front bang which covers one side of her face and completely leaves the rest of her face well exposed.

Lange Frisuren mit Pony

Long Hairstyles with Bangs and Layers

Lange Frisuren mit Pony

Long Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

Their so many ways you can flatter your round face, a bang will defiantly change the look of your face, this can be archived by styling your bang in different ways, for example, the lady in Style 17 has a side swept thick bang which gives her a round face a new asymmetrical face shapes, the same style is used by chicks in Style 18 & 19. However, the lady in Style 20 features a well trimmed thick front bang which makes her round face short.  To have similar well trimmed bangs, I have listed a few tips which you can follow to cut your bang short.


  • Separate your hair: Before cutting your bang, you need to part it with a fine-toothed comb; this will make it easy to cut your bang. If at all you try to trim it without segmenting your hair, you will end up cutting some undesired sections of your long hair. Use hair pins to pin your hair so that it is pulled away from the bang section. This process will leave the bang outstanding making it easy to cut / trim.
  • Dampen and Moist your hair: If your in a harry, you can use a water sprinkling bottle, splash little amounts of water over your hair and the bang section so that it gets moist and soft. After this process, you can comb through hair to remove knots.
  • Cut / Trim your bangs: Use your fingers to mark sections of your bang to be cut. Then, use the other hand to trim / cut out those sections, make sure that you cut your bag at the same angle / level.
  • Style the bang: Probably your long hair has some kind of style, so now your bang has to match with the rest of hair, if you have a curled / wavy long hairstyle, you need to use a curling iron / saloon rollers to make curls / waves in your bang.


Lange Frisuren mit Pony

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2013

You can change your face shape with a side swept bang hairstyle, all women featured in the picture above have different face shapes, but they flattered them with this side swept bang style which makes them look unique. So, get rid of that boring long hairstyle and try out the tips I have listed below to make a side swept bang.

Tips for Styling Side swept Bangs:

  • Pull and Separate your hair: Your main focus has to be centered at styling your bang, so, you need to the rest of the hair to the back. You will need a comb to help you separate your bang from the rest of the hair. For better results, you can secure your long hair with a hair clip, pin or an elastic band.
  • Moist the Bang: Before styling your bang, you need to dampen it so that it gets moist and soft. For great results, you can use a spray, sprinkle some little water and use a towel to remove excess water from the bang; this will ensure that the bang only stays moist but not wet.
  • Brush out the bang: Do this after removing excessive water from the bang, because brushing it when it’s wet will make knots in the bang. For this process, I suggest you opt for a wide-toothed comb, this will make them straight.
  • Side Sweep the bang: Simply use your fingers to pull your bang to the sides. Try both directions (left / right) and see which one looks better.


Lange Frisuren mit Pony


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