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Having a short straight haircut is always not that difficult, however, this type of haircut looks better on women with thick hair and also greatly depends on the face shape, the most popular short straight haircut is the bob haircut, if you have waves or curls and you want to transform to this straight haircut, i suggest you do it gradually since your hair is used to the curly style,…


Kurze gerade Haarschnitte

Short Straight Haircuts

…, it might brake if you force it to become straight, so after conditioning & washing it, you will need to use a wide toothed brush to comb it straight, then after you can use a low-heated flat iron to straighten that wavy / curly hair, on the other hand, you should not forget to use a heat protectant, because heat produced by the flat iron can damage your hair.

In this post, I have featured 40 cute short straight haircuts you can choose from; most of these hairstyles are easy to do, so you might not need to spend money or waste time in a saloon to most of these haircuts.

Ladies with bangs, you can treat them the same way as the rest of the hair, however, you can style them basing on the shape of your face, for example, ladies with long / square face shapes, you will look nice with a side swept bang like the lady in position 1, 9, 11, 23 & 24, on the other hand Ladies with round face shapes, you can opt for a front bang, make sure you trim it well so that it stops just above the eye brows, get the best example from Women featured in position 25, 26 and 36.

In this post, we shall learn how you can make your short hair stay straight all the time; I will also give you some tips on how to straighten that short hair.



Kurze gerade Haarschnitte

short straight haircuts 2013

Short straight haircuts 2013


Kurze gerade Haarschnitte

short straight haircuts for women


  • Use Hair Straightening Products: – As you plan to wash and condition your hair, you need to buy shampoo / conditioning products which encourage your hair to stay straight all day, many of these products are available on the market at an affordable price. After washing your hair, dry it with a low heat blower and then comb it straight with wide toothed comb, this will keep it tangle free and straight the all day. If you want to use a towel to dry wet straight short hair, make sure you don’t rub the towel with your hair, over squeezing will make your hair fizzy or it might even brake.
  • Keep it moisturized: – For you to have a straight haircut the all day, you need to use a good straightening mousse, this will give your hair a silky shinny look and at them same time it will have a thick volume. Leaving short straight hair dry will make it look unhealthy, so avoid this mess by spraying it with a good hair spray or use gel / mousse.
  • Try to use home remedies: – If you don’t want to use chemicals to keep that short straight haircut in shape the all day, you can resort to home remedies like milk, I know this might sound crazy to some of you, but remember that milk has natural fats which can keep your hair moist and thick the all day. So, simply put milk in a spray bottle, sprinkle this milk on your hair before showering, make sure each section gets wet with milk, now go to the shower and wash out the milk. On the other hand to get great results, you can mix 1 egg in that milk and wrap your hair with a plastic head cover for at least 30 minutes, this mixture of eggs and milk will feed your hair with proteins, you can leave your hair in this condition for at least 30 minutes.
  • The other home remedy you can use is to combine lemon juice and coconut milk, all you have to do is to squeeze the orange and get the juice out of it, and then mix it with coconut milk, your hair will benefit from Vitamin C & Proteins produced from this mixture, after applying this remedy in your hair, you can wrap your hair with a plastic head cover and wait for 15 minutes, now wash your hair with a good shampoo / hair conditioner and then dry it with a low heat blower. Comb that short hair straight to keep a great look./
  •  Use a flat iron: – This is one of the easiest ways of keeping short haircuts straight all the time, however, heat is not friendly so make sure you shield your hair with a good heat protectant. On the other hand, to straighten your hair with this flat iron, you need to wash and condition that short hair, because it can be dangerous to iron dry hair, once you have finished the preparation process, you have to separate your hair into different sections, now set the flat iron to a moderate temperature and start ironing one section at a time. After this process, you need to spray your hair with a post-straightening serum to keep it shinny / straight & moist.
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short straight haircuts for women over 50

Short straight haircuts for women over 50

Age should not stop you from looking beautiful, you should always take care of your looks so that you look younger and attractive, in most cases, as you age, your hair becomes weak, so you have to be very careful with most hair products especially the heated products because most of them will damage your hair. You can always opt for natural methods to make your hair straight and cute; however, you have to style your hair basing on the shape of your face.


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short straight haircuts for women over 40

Short straight haircuts for women over 40

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short straight haircuts for round faces

Short straight haircuts for round faces

When it comes to round face shapes, you can narrow them down and make them look longer by styling that short straight hair in a different manner, in the picture featured above, you can see 4 different cute ladies,  they all have bangs, but side sweeping the bang will completely give you a new diagonal face shape.



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short straight haircuts for black women

Short straight haircuts for black women


Kurze gerade Haarschnitte

short straight haircuts for girls

Short straight haircuts for girls


Kurze gerade Haarschnitte

short straight haircuts with bangs

Short straight haircuts with bangs


Kurze gerade Haarschnitte

Blonde short straight haircuts

Blonde short straight haircuts


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