Lange Frisuren für ovale Gesichter

Long hair is one of the hair styles that is very easy to style, so you will find it easy to get a flattering style for your oval face shape. In the picture above, I have featured women with different long hairstyles, the one in Style 1 has a fine long hairstyle with a front bang, yet the one in Style 2 has a curly brown long hairstyle which has a side swept bag…

Lange Frisuren für ovale Gesichter

Long Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Women in the photos 3 & 4 have almost the same hairstyle, but the lady in the photo 4 above has a bright blonde long hairstyle.  If you want your oval face to get enough attention, you will need to pull away hair from your face, you can either comb it to the sides, or make a simple side sweep like ladies in Style 2 , 8, 11, and 14. However, before styling long hair, you need to clean it well with a good hair conditioner / shampoo, make sure that these hair products have some natural ingredients and are free from strong chemicals like sulfate which may wipe out all important oils from your cute long hair.


STYLE 1: The lady in style 1 has a fine long hairstyle with a simple front bang, to have a similar hairstyle; your hair has to be fine / skinny just like that in Style 1. For those with very thick hair and prefer to make it look thin, you can wash it with warm / hot water, this will separate each strand of your hair making it look fine / skinny. Cold water is good when you want to have a thick volume of hair. After washing your long hair with warm water, you need to use a dry hair blower, this will wipe out all excessive water in your hair, blow dry it upwards so that it gets a fine / skinny look.  Do the same to the bang, now use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair straight, and then run your fingers through the bang. If at all you see split ends, you could use a pair of sharp scissors to trim them off. Spray your hair with a shine hair spray to make it moist and give it a shinny look.

STYLE 2:  The lady in Style 2 has a brown curly long hairstyle with a side swept bang; this is a very easy trend which you can do by yourself while at home. If you have no curls, you can get them by use of a curling iron, but don’t forget to apply a heat protective spray because that curling iron will expose your long hair to excessive heat. If you have black hair and you want to bleach it to brown, you will need less bleach because both black & brown are dark colors, however, those with blonde hair, you will need to use more brown bleach to have a similar hairstyle. Before side sweeping that bang, you need to trim it in a diagonal shape, after that, you can spray the bang and side sweep it to look fabulous.

STYLE 3: This is a straight hairstyle, which will look good on women with thick long hair. If at all you have thin / skinny long hair, you can grow it thick by trimming it regularly to support hair growth, eat well, use hair products with natural ingredients which support thick hair growth, drink enough water, relax and keep your hair away from heat. If you put all those steps into consideration, you will defiantly get long thick hair like the lady in style 3. So, to make it straight, you can either use a brush or a flat iron.  However, when ever you comb / iron your hair straight, you will notice lots of split ends popping up. To get rid of these messy split ends, you will need to use a pair of scissors, trim them off gently, and make sure you don’t cut the rest of the hair.

STYLE 4: The lady in Style 4 above features a blonde hairstyle which flatters her oval face shape very well. Before bleaching your hair to this blonde color, you have to be ask your hairstylist if blonde color matches well with your skin tone. The process of bleaching will differ from person to person because our hair is different. So, if this is your first time to bleach, you should go to the saloon and get a perfect bleach.


Lange Frisuren für ovale Gesichter

Long Straight Layered Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Lange Frisuren für ovale Gesichter

Long Hairstyles For Oval Faces Thick Hair


Improve your looks in amazing way, spice up that long hair by following the tips I have listed below:

  • Wash and Condition your Hair :- This is a basic procedure which you have to consider whenever you want to change your hairstyle, wash that long thick hair with Luke-warm water or cold water so that it gets a thick volume, however, when it comes to choosing shampoo or any other hair conditioner, you need to opt for shampoo without sulfate, because this chemical is very strong, it can wipe out all natural oils from your hair and leave it dry which is a bad condition for long thick hair. The other thing you have to consider is to read the ingredients list and see which chemicals are mixed in that hair conditioner / shampoo.
  • Dry your hair after washing / shower: – Long hair can be stubborn to work with when it’s wet, so you have to dry it with a blower or a towel, however, those who opt for the towel you don’t have to rub it over the hair, because this can brake the roots of the hair.
  • Brush your hair after drying it :- Now that your hair is moist, you should to keep it neat by combing it straight, however, you need to use a wide toothed comb so that you don’t over strain your hair. This will leave your hair tangle free.
  • Use a heat protectant Spray :- To have a silky shinny straight hairstyle, you need to iron it with a flat iron, however, this iron comes with it’s own down-side, it produces heat which can damage your hair, so to avoid this mess, you need to apply a good heat protectant to create a shield, spray it all over your hair.
  • Flat Iron your hair: – Since your goal is to have a silky straight hair style like the ones i have featured on this list, you need to use a hair straightener, these flat irons come in different sizes, so you have to opt for a size which is comfortable to work with. Iron your hair straight by moving the flat iron down wards. If your hair dry’s out during the process, sprinkle some water over your hair to add the moisture.
  • Use a shine spray:- To get a silky look, you need to spray your hair with a shine spray, however, you need to opt for a silicone-based hair spray.
Lange Frisuren für ovale Gesichter

Long Hairstyles For Oval Faces Black Women

Lange Frisuren für ovale Gesichter

Long Hairstyles For Oval Faces 2013

Lange Frisuren für ovale Gesichter


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