Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight hair is one of the easiest hair types every woman should style by them. It takes less experience to style your hair straight. Many busy women prefer this hairstyle, because it requires less maintenance and attention, so if you have waves or curls and you feel like taking a brake to all those demanding hairstyles, follow the steps on this list and learn how to have a great straight hairstyle.


Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hairstyles for Women


Style 1:

Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hairstyles for Women

Women with thick long hair look fabulous with straight hair, this hairstyle is simple and easy to make, both formal ladies and school girls can have straight hair because it requires less attention.


  • Keep your hair Moist: Even though straight hair demands less care, you need to keep it moist and healthy, if you neglect your hair, it will become dry and knotty, so, it is advisable to condition it with hair products which have natural ingredients. Use cold water when washing straight hair, this will make your straight hair look thicker which will give you a fabulous look. Please, don’t shampoo or condition your hair daily, I suggest you do it twice a week.

NOTE: Women with dry hair, you need to use a moisturizing conditioner, because your scalp produces fewer oils to sustain this straight hair. But if your scalp produces to much oils, you will need to opt for a basic conditioner.

  • Brush your hair straight every morning: Do this when your hair is moist but not wet. If you comb wet hair, it will brake or look funny, so you need to use a low heat blower / a towel to remove water from your hair, but the hair has to stay moist. Use a wide-toothed comb to straighten your hair every morning.
  • Get your hair Cut: Once your hair is well moist and healthy, it will grow very first and thick, so you will start noticing split ends out growing. To look neat, you need to go to the saloon and have your hair trimmed neatly.
  • Use honey: This might sound funny, but if you want to have thick straight hair, you need to mix some honey in your conditioner, please, don’t over do it, because it might make your hair stink.
  • Avoid over blowing your hair with a dry blower: Blow drying your hair too often will make it dry, so avoid over using heat blowers and straightening iron.
  • Don’t over brush your straight hair: I know you always want to have a fine look, but don’t over brush, this will cause split ends.
  • During hot days, you need to protect your hair with a hat or use sunscreen hair products. To much heat will leave your straight hair dry.
  • Avoid wringing your hair with a towel: I have talked about less usage of dry blowers to dry your hair, so you might opt for a towel method. It is a good method, but don’t wring your hair, simply tie the towel over your head and leave your hair straight.



– Shampoo / Conditioner to clean your hair.

– Hair Spray to keep your hair moist and smooth.

– Towel for drying your hair (don’t wring)

– Brush

– Wide toothed comb

– Hair ties

– Sunscreen / heat protective products.



‘’If you have straight hair, you will always have an issue with splits ends, below i have summarized tips on how to get rid of those split ends’’

– Trim your hair regularly:  This is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of those annoying splits ends. Use both a scissor and a comb to get the best results.

– Stop back combing your straight hair: Too much pulling of your hair backwards strains the roots of your hair and it also pulls underneath hair which shows up as splits. You should use a smooth wide toothed comb to straighten your hair.


Style 2:

Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hairstyles for Women 2013

Wavy Straight Hairstyle for Women: Some times these curls / waves can be cute but they also tend to be hard to maintain, so if you have the same wavy hairstyle and you want to switch to a wavy hairstyle, I suggest you follow the steps i have outlined below.


  • You need a heat protective spray: Whenever you plan to use a flat iron to straighten your hair, you have to use a heat protective spray; this will prevent your hair from getting damaged by heat. You can easily get them from Amazon or any beauty store.
  • Wash and condition wavy hair: This is a basic step which you need to do before straightening your hair. It might be very difficult to straighten dry wavy hair, so i suggest you use a good hair conditioner / shampoo to clean your hair; this will also help in removing dead skin / dandruff which is not ideal for straight hairstyles. After conditioning and cleaning your hair, you can blow dry it so that it remains moist but not wet, and then use a wide toothed comb to brush it straight, do this gently so that you don’t pull the roots of your hair.
  • Part your wavy hair: It will be very easy for you to straighten wavy hair if it is divided into small sections. You can make a bun with your top hair, this will give you more freedom to concentrate on each section on your wavy hair independently.
  • Iron your hair straight: Now, you can start ironing your hair with a flat iron, do it section by section, be patient and use moderate pressure to avoid damaging your hair. If this is your first time to iron your hair, i suggest you go to the saloon and get some hair styling ideas. During the process of flattening your hair with a flat hot iron, you will see steam  rising, please don’t get shocked, the plates of that flat iron are hot so when they interact with moist hair, probably this steam is produced.
  • Trim split ends: At this point, you must have straightened your wavy hair, however, you will be shocked with annoying split ends, don’t worry, whenever you straighten your hair, split ends will have to show up, so simply use a pair of scissors and trim them off.
  • Add silicone based shine solution: Apply moderate amounts of shine solution on your hands and apply it to your new straight hairstyle. This will make your hair look shinny and healthy.


Style 3:

Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hair ideas

Style 4:

Straight Hairstyles for Women

Thick Straight Hair Styles for Women

Thick Straight Hair Styles for Women: If you have natural thick long hair, you will look lovely with straight hairstyle. Women with round face shapes you can straighten your front bang just like the lady in the picture above. In the post above, I explained about using flattening irons to straighten your hair, however, for those with weak hair, you should opt for natural methods of straightening hair without using a flat iron; follow tips below;


  • Start with straightening products: If you have curls or waves, I suggest you invest in the best conditioning / shampoo hair products. Before straightening your hair, you have to loosen those waves / curls. If you totally have no idea on which hair product to buy, I suggest you go to a nearby saloon. Once you have got the best conditioner, you can wash your hair and leave this conditioner / shampoo for 15 – 55 minutes, after that you will need to rinse your hair and remove both the conditioner and excess water.
  •  Brush your hair straight: Use a wide toothed comb to straighten your hair, make straight strokes, but hold each section as you brush it down. Make sure that your hair is not wet, because it can be very messy to comb wet wavy hair.
  • Apply a styling product: This will depend on your choice, but apply just moderate amounts of this styling product in your hands and apply it evenly.



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Straight Hairstyles for Women

Long Straight Hair Styles for Women

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Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hair Styles for Women 2013

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Straight Hairstyles for Women

Thin Straight Hairstyles for Women

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Straight Hairstyles for Women

Simple Straight Hair Styles For Women

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Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hairstyles for Prom

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Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hairstyles with Braids

Straight Hairstyles for Women


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